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We work to save individuals, and businesses, both small and large, on their fuel costs.  

QC (Queen City) Fuel Points was formed in 2019 by native Charlotteans, Taylor and Troy,  to make use of the thousands of grocery store fuel points they earned each month with their business ventures.   

We leverage the Fuel Points program from Kroger and it's affiliate stores to help you save money each time you fill up at the pump.  Up to $35 each time!  Want to learn how?


How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can Fuel Points Be Used?

The Fuel Points we provide come from Harris Teeter & Kroger and can be used at any Kroger or Kroger affiliate (Click Here For List Of Kroger Affiliates) with a fuel center. They can also be used at many BP stations on the east coast of the United States, but not all. Here is a link so you can see if you have a BP station near you where you can use the points. You will search for your city, it will show nearby stations, and each station that says "Harris Teeter Fuel Points" will be one where it will work. If not, it will not work there.

How do I use Fuel Points?

You can redeem up to 1,000 Fuel Points at the pump for up to $1.00 off per gallon, up to 35 gallons at once!   For example, if fuel costs $2.50 you could use 1,000 Fuel Points to discount your fuel costs to $1.50 per gallon (up to 35 gallons) saving you $35 on fuel! 

How does Kroger's Fuel Rewards Program Work?

Normally, when you buy groceries at a Kroger you earn 1 Fuel Point per dollar spent with the Fuel Points being linked to your Fuel Point account that can then be redeemed at Kroger fueling stations with your alternate ID.  The typical redemption is 100 points for 10 cents off per gallon of fuel up to 1,000 points for $1.00 off per gallon.  Typically, most people don't spend $1,000 a month at Kroger but we are in a unique position where we can earn the points and provide you with the savings! 

What if my vehicle doesn't hold 35 gallons?

Great question! Most people don't have a vehicle with a tank large enough to maximize your savings.  We recommend you bring a second vehicle driven by your partner or a friend to fill both vehicles at the same time or bring gas cans to hold any extra fuel to use later.  

How do I start saving at the pump?

Once we have received your order we will provide you with an alternate ID, which you will use at any Kroger or Kroger affiliate fuel center. Once we have received your payment for your order the Fuel Points will be loaded onto the account within 72 hours.  Once the points are in your account, they are good until the end of the following month you ordered them.  For example, if you ordered Fuel Points in March your points will be good until the last day of April.  Points are not always available so sign up to be alerted when a sale starts.



Fuel Points

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Save up to 40% on your fuel needs!

Providing discounts at popular retail stores! (Coming Soon)

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